Lock, Lock! Who’s there?'s featured image

You’ll be relieved to hear that this isn’t a bad knock-knock joke, it’s actually a fairy tale come true! It’s the solution sought by everyone who’s ever been locked out of their house; or whose kids have lost their key; or whose contractors show up without a key.

The hero of this tale is the under the radar do-it-all key lock box. A home organization tool so powerful it calms frayed nerves, eliminates clutter, and is as reliable as the rising sun!

Eliminate Messy Mind Syndrome

For many people, and busy families in particular, mornings can often feel like the highlight reel for a horror movie. People are sprinting from room to room, eyes darting across every surface. Lunch bags, mail and jackets are being flung up in the air, and the panicked desperation to find a house key ends with someone crying or screaming. A key lock box does away with the drama because it always has one or more key stored in its safe and secure vault.

Look Ma, No Keys!

Most people have a few too many keys on their key ring, and a family of two or more is burdened with multiple sets of keys. Although they seem very low maintenance, keys create a lot of clutter and weigh down your purse or pocket. A key lock box helps to streamline the number of keys in circulation, and ensures that no one is ever locked out of the house. With Canada’s freezing winters and often scorching summers, knowing all family members have quick access to the house is a matter of health and safety.

High Return on Investment!

A key lock box is just the icing on the cake when it comes to home organization. These days, other door locking systems include smart locks, which work in tandem with your mobile phone. One of the “key” advantages (pun intended) is that the smart lock unlocks your door before you get there. If you are carrying heavy groceries, or your baby, or if you have fine motor problems, a butler-like open door greeting works wonders for your peace of mind.


Photo by Chunlea