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The KonMari Method to Organizing Paper Clutter


If one of your new year’s resolutions is to minimize mess, we highly recommend the KonMari method of narrow focus, for instance, just tackle paper clutter. It’s not a new book, but in our opinion, Marie Kondo’s best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, will help you make huge strides. Whether you’re tackling paper mess in a onebedroom condo, or a 5-bedroom semi, the KonMari method of organizing paper can’t be beat, you’ll learn to zero in and make a change that sticks.

Collect All the Important Papers

Go room by room and find every bill, warranty, tax return and must-keep receipts, and place them all together in one spot. Next, place like-papers into subcategories. One pile for cell phone bills, one for household maintenance, and another for health claims.

Evaluate All the Important Papers

You don’t need to keep every single piece of paper. These days, almost everything is available digitally. Take your time and do the research. Shred anything that’s available online.

Choose a Storage Solution

Find a storage solution that will work for you. Marie recommends storing important papers in one single plastic folder. One! For most of us, this will mean a lot of purging.  For people with kid(s), consider a file folder for each member of the family.

File by Frequency of Use

Papers that you need to access quickly should be at the front of your filing system. For example, dental estimates that you’re keeping track of should be at the front, phone bills which you only access during tax season can go in the back. We highly recommend
paperless billing, helps cut down clutter and is wonderful for the environment.

Stick to the System

The final but possibly toughest step is maintenance. You’ve sorted, recycled and stored the papers you need to keep, now you need to develop the habits to avoid a relapse. The best way to combat paper clutter is to deal with it as soon as it enters your home. A
quick assessment is all that’s needed. File, purge, repeat.

Kids Artwork 911

Yes, it’s true, even the kids’ artwork can be stored electronically! Get fancy and put it all in an electronic photo book. It may be hard to get your head around, but eventually you’ll adapt, and you’ll love the feeling of always being organized and freeing up space!


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