Love, Life & Sugar:  How to Organize your Baking Stuff's featured image

Love and baked goods go way back. Nothing quite says “I love you” louder than some tasty sweet baked goodies. From heart-shaped cookies to red velvet cupcakes to a sensual treat like strawberries dipped in chocolate, the way to your beloved’s heart is often through their stomach! And, it will come as no surprise that cooking with love is amplified in an organized kitchen. So, wrangle the sprinkles, shredded coconut and chocolate chips and get organized with our cleaning tips from the cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID, and get back to creating some delicious edible love for your family or loved ones.

Embrace the Challenge

Start from scratch. Take everything out of your pantry and give it a good clean. A half and half combination of vinegar and water in a spray bottle will do the trick. Give each shelf a good spray and wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

Love it or Leave it

With the cupboards clean, take a good look at each item. Purge those products that have expired or dried out, and consolidate any duplicates. Having duplicates will only confuse you and could lead to waste or expired goods!

Write Sweet Declarations

Now, we are ready to organize the pantry! Stacking containers are phenomenal space savers, and they can be labeled for easy identification. Put tall containers at the back and shorter ones in the front. Consider hanging paper and pen on the back of the pantry door so you can have a running grocery list of items that need to be replaced.

Try Something New

Although stackable containers are great for flour, sugar and chocolate chips, think outside the box for smaller finicky items. A tackle box may be just the thing for storing small canisters of sprinkles, decorating gel, food colouring and birthday candles.  A mason jar is great for holding a stack of cupcake wrappers and cookie cutters. Plus, a new trend for cookie sheets is to transform a kitchen cupboard with a few dividers into a cookie sheet filing cabinet.

Flirt with Hooks

Measuring cups can be a nuisance. Although stackable, they don’t fit well with the silverware and get lost among the pots and pans. Time to hang them! With a few simple hooks on the back of a cupboard door, you can hang them individually. Labels on the door for each will make it easier to grab the right one. You may even want to add a few hooks for spoons and whisks.

Now that your cupboards are tidied and organized, it’s time to take a look at the rest of your kitchen (read for more cleaning tips here) and home. Call the cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID today.