Making your Living Room Livable's featured image

The living room is often where family and friends visit and where you spend most of your time relaxing.  With the colder weather approaching you may find yourself spending more time indoors, so you’ll want to get your living room in a more livable condition.  Here are some quick tips to keep your living room clean and tidy on a regular basis – in about 10 minutes flat!

  1. Declutter.  Take a moment to look around the room for anything that doesn’t belong.  For example, place magazines back on their rack and put the DVDs back into their cases and on their proper shelf.
  2. Clear off the coffee table.  Rather than having your remote controls scattered across the surface of your table, place them in a small decorative basket.  Add a pop of colour to your living room by adding some fragrant flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit as a table topper instead.
  3. Dust.  If you’re in between MOLLY MAID visits and some dust has settled, use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to dust tabletops, picture frames, electronic systems and other flat surfaces.  Clean fingerprints from surfaces as well, including light switch plates and door frames.

This will not only allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable in your living room, but it will also help you be prepared for those unexpected visitors!