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She’s Back! Marie Kondo Keeps Re-Organizing Us


Marie Kondo’s new show, Sparking Joy, hit Netflix last month, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the 1st season, Kondo sets her sights on helping people clean up at work. Of course, the KonMari method goes much deeper than organizing objects, it often reaches her clients on an emotional level. We see this in the first episode, The Joy of Family. The show opens with the crystal clear ping of a tuning fork. It sets the stage with which Kondo approaches every project – cool, calm and a wee bit mystical. This is why we love her!

Named after her primary method of organization (to touch an item and see if it “sparks joy”), we give this show two thumbs up. Every episode is thematic: Family, Balance and finally, Letting Go. You can’t help but be inspired by the many ways to improve your space and daily routine. Here’s our top three tips:

“Set aside time for things that spark joy.”

While favourite items can make you happy, there are many non-tangible things that can spark joy too. Kondo likes to make time for a leisurely tea with her children every afternoon. For you, it may be calling an old friend, volunteering at a local charity or simply taking a walk through the local park. Schedule time for joy every day. Being organized will help!

“Keep useful items that raise motivation.”

When you’re evaluating what to keep or discard, give yourself the gift of honesty. Does it truly spark joy? If yes, keep it. If not, give it a new home (and give thanks). Take this discipline with you outside the home. Use it to evaluate relationships, as well as choices. Do the people around you and the choices you’ve made connect with the person you want to be?

“We get busy every day and things get messy before we even know it.”

In all the episodes one thing rings true: we’re all very busy! Even Kondo. As a busy mom, wife, daughter, businesswoman and friend, she admits she can’t do it alone. Her family, friends and colleagues have always been there for support. There’s no joy in trying to be a superhero. It’s simply exhausting and lonely. Ask for help when you need it.


HINT:  The show also lets us peek into Kondo’s home! There she demos some of her most popular principles, such as grouping like-objects and using boxes to separate everything.

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