New Uses for Old Clothing and Bedding's featured image

Do you have a pile of old clothing or bedding lying around your home? If so, you likely have an arsenal of effective cleaning materials that will help you spring clean your home with ease. Here’s how:

The best duster ever: Old fluffy socks that have lost their pair, can be repurposed into an effective household duster! Slip that solo clean sock over your hand and use it to dust difficult surfaces in your home such as venetian blinds or picture frames. Make sure to use both sides of the sock in order to maximize its surface use. Wash and reuse.

Cotton t-shirts to the rescue:  Make use of your old, holey, cotton t-shirts by repurposing them into cleaning and dusting cloths. All you need are some old t-shirts and fabric scissors to make your cleaning cloth. Cut your t-shirt, width wide, just under the sleeves. Remove the top, and cut the bottom piece in half. Next, using the top half of your shirt, cut a rectangle from the remaining fabric, starting at one sleeve, cutting just under the neck line, to the opposite sleeve. Use your cotton t-shirt cloths to dry-dust wooden furniture. Wash them in your washing machine on a regular cycle, and reuse.

Fabulous floor protector: Rather than using a plastic drop sheet when painting, keep your old flat bed sheet to protect floors and furniture while you spruce up your home. Old sheets also double as a great seat protector when you need to transport your pets.