New Ways to Store your Outdoor Christmas Lights's featured image

Now that the holidays have come to an end, its time to tackle your outdoor Christmas lights. Instead of cramming them into a storage bin this year, why not try these simple organizational tricks to help keep your lights in pristine condition for next year. Here’s how:

Put them in plastic: Store holiday lights separately by placing them into separate plastic bags. Make sure lights aren’t tangled and bulbs are intact before putting each strand into their own plastic bag. Label each bag, using a marker and masking tape, according to where each strand of lights is hung. For example, one strand may be for the doorway, the other for the front window. This will make for easy sorting next year.

Use cardboard boxes: Breakdown old cardboard boxes and cut them into a rectangle with slits. Cut enough rectangles for each individual light strand, wrap the lights carefully and label each rectangle according to its use. Put the lights in a plastic container or bin for easy storage.

Make special storage bins: Use tension rods to keep strands of lights sorted. Place two tension rods lengthwise in each bin and wrap your Christmas lights around them.

Power cord holder: Use a large power cord holder to wind lights up. Hang the holder on a hook in your garage for safe keeping.