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Your backyard is a retreat from everyday life. For some it’s a place to relax and entertain family and friends. For others, a space for a swimming pool, a trampoline and a soccer net. Whether it’s a large suburban space or a tiny city garden, the desire for privacy is mutual. Fences are ideal, but they can be expensive, require cooperation with your neighbours, and may make you feel boxed in. This summer, why not think outside the box?

The Art of Drapery

Curtains and blinds are a great way to create some privacy. Hung off porches or on the backyard deck, this classic option is a subtle choice.

Hedge your Bets

Used for centuries as a marker for where one lawn ends and another begins, a hedge is arboriculture at its best. From a formal boxwood hedge to a low-maintenance cedar hedge, there are endless varieties to choose from.

Jungle Fever

Tall grasses never disappoint. Plant some in a pot for a dramatic statement piece. Then, strategically place the pot to create a living screen. If space allows, plant tall grasses in a border to maximize that sense of seclusion.

Up the Beanstalk

If you prefer vegetables over flowers, what about using them to create your hideaway? Plants that climb are called pole beans; string a variety of these to poles between your yard and your neighbour’s. Not only will you gain the privacy you desire but think of all the yummy fresh grown produce you will harvest.

Please, let us be  

A privacy screen made of latticed wood offers instant style, as well as allows air to flow in and out of the space. Climbing vines will ensure prying eyes keep out. Opt for something fragrant, like honeysuckle, or visually pleasing, like clematis.

Up, Up and Away

Create a vertical wall with hanging pots and vertical planters. You can make a custom wood, metal or brick frame that can bear the weight, or visit your local luxury garden centre or specialty shelf retailer for options. Look for a combination of plants that cascade, stand tall and bush out.



Photo by Martin Kníže