Popular Household Filters That Need TLC's featured image

There’s cleaning know-how that somehow never makes it out to the masses. So, given the line of business we’re in, and the times we’re living in, we’re going to repeat some information that you’ve heard from us in the past, that we think is worth repeating because we want to help keep you and your loved ones healthy. So, without further delay we’re going to run through some of the more popular household filters that need to be cleaned or replaced, probably more often than you’ve been cleaning them up to now. 

Water Filter

Although it’s the year 2020, we still hear disturbing stories of lead being found in drinking water. Whether the pipes are to blame, or the water quality is the issue, many of us have taken extra measures to filter our water in a variety of ways. There’s under the counter systems which require maintenance by a specialist, or less expensive pitcher systems which require the filter to be changed depending on how much water you drink, use for cooking etc. FYI If your refrigerator has a water dispenser and ice maker, make sure to follow the owner’s manual directions to ensure the fridge and the accessories run at their optimum levels. 

Dishwasher Filter

If you’re thinking to yourself, but I don’t need to wash the dishwasher, it washes itself, listen closely: dishwashers do need our help. It’s ok if you didn’t realize that your dishwasher has a filter, and that it needs to be cleaned. Today’s the day to change all that. So, grab your dishwasher manual or look up your dishwasher manual on the internet (you’ll need the model number found inside the unit), and learn how to remove the filter. Next, grab a pair of rubber gloves and an old toothbrush. The gunk on your filter might shock you, but it’s nothing that hot water, dish soap and repeated scrubbing can’t remove. From now on, clean monthly. 

Dryer Filter

Cleaning the dryer filter is one of the easiest chores on the planet, but for some reason very few people remember to do it. Unlike cleaning that requires rubber gloves and scrubbing, keeping the dryer filter lint free takes mere seconds. All you have to do is remove the lint trap from inside the dryer and grab as much lint off the screen as you can. It’s best to remove the lint after each time you dry a load of clothes, because the more lint that accumulates, the longer it takes to dry your clothes. 

Vacuum Filter

Like the dishwasher filter, you may have not realized that the vacuum cleaner filter needs to be changed. Our rule of thumb is generally change it when you see that there’s hair, dust and other debris matted to it. If you don’t change it in time, your vacuum cleaner may lose suction or spew dust into the air. Every vacuum cleaner model is different, so check your owner’s manual, or look for it online to learn how often the filter needs to be changed. Some models don’t require brand new filters, they simply need to be washed.