Prepare your Home for Summer's featured image

The days are growing longer, the weather is getting warmer and soon enough summer will be right at our doorstep. Before you can relax and spend your summer evenings out in your backyard, you have to give your home a little bit of TLC. The professional residential cleaners at MOLLY MAID suggest these simple ideas to prepare your home for summer.

Make Room for Ice Cream!

Summer is a fantastic time to clean out and defrost your refrigerator and freezer. We’ve all got those Tupperware containers and freezer burnt food hiding at the bottom of our freezer. Take the time this summer to clear out any old food items and restock the freezer with some delicious summer treats and meals.

Organise the Garage

The time has come to put away your bags of salt, and dust off the lawnmower and weed whacker. A little bit of organization will allow you to get to those summer tools and toys without having to climb over your old winter supplies. Your garage is often the most neglected area of your home. To help organize your garage, buy or build a shelving unit. You can also install hangers on your garage walls to hang up your gardening tools. These simple tips will not only help you organize your garage but will also provide you with more space.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

With the beautiful warm weather, summer is the perfect time to open the windows and air out the rooms in your home. You can also dramatically change the feel of a room by putting away winter blankets and heavy fabrics. Replace them with lighter fabrics and place fresh flowers in your home.

Clean Out your Wardrobe

Pack away your winter clothing and break out your summer dresses! There is nothing worse than having to sort through your winter clothing to find the perfect summer outfit. It is always fun to rediscover items of clothing you had forgotten you had! Summer is also the perfect time to wash your winter duvet and sheets and pack them away for the summer.

Make a Start on Your Garden

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a simple tidy of the garden and quick cutting of the grass will make your outdoor space more appealing. Just a few potted flowers will quickly brighten any patio or deck area. View your garden as another room in your house and give it the same TLC as the inside of your home. Clean off your patio or deck and get your garden furniture out of storage.