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There’s no denying that summer offers all the bells and whistles needed for the successful sale of your home. Between the beautiful, fragrant gardens; open windows and birds chirping, summer provides the optimal atmosphere for house hunting. Not to mention, buyers are naturally more at ease when they are house hunting in flip-flops rather than parkas. Here are some tips to help you take full advantage of the summer season, so you can get your home ready to sell.

Curb Appeal  

  • Clean-up your garden by removing weeds, trimming hedges, getting rid of dead foliage and replanting colourful flowers and bushes where necessary, to fill out your garden. If you don’t have much of a garden in the front yard, add a couple potted plants to your front porch.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Paint the front door to give it a fresh, clean look.
  • Clean your front window sill, doorbell, light fixtures and welcome mat. Replace any old, or broken items.
  • Sweep porch, stairs and driveway. If you have a power washer, give these areas a good once over as well.
  • Wash the inside and outside of your windows.

Room by Room

  • Open curtains and blinds to let natural light inside.
  • Remove any family photos to depersonalize the space. This allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.
  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs and give working ones a quick dry dust. Remember to only dust lights when they are off and cooled down.
  • Wipe all surfaces and declutter shelves, closets and cupboards.
  • If you are overwhelmed, MOLLY MAID can help take care of the cleaning while you focus on other staging and moving tasks!


Aroma can certainly help contribute to a successful sale. According to a study, 31.8% of shoppers spent more money in a home décor store when the store had a simple fragrance, rather than a blended, more complex scent. Researchers suggests using simple scents such as citrus, herbs, vanilla, green tea or pine and cedar to create a positive aroma in your home. One way to add a scent into your home is by using a diffuser, aromatic candle or a simmer pot, which consists of boiling aromatic ingredients in a pot of water.