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Purge Power: 10 Things to Throw Away Right Now!


Today is the day! Time to tackle some of the clutter that has collected over the past few months. But this purge is different. This is decluttering without the guilt. We’ve pulled together 10 things that don’t need a second thought to pitch. In fact, it’s cathartic. Like losing a few unwanted pounds, the power to purge will leave you feeling satisfied for a good job done!


  1. Expired coupons and take-out menus
  2. Old magazines
  3. Expired pantry items
  4. Chipped dishes and mugs
  5. DVDs you’ll never watch again
  6. CDs you’ll neer listen to again
  7. Duplicate kitchen tools
  8. Expired medication
  9. Expired make-up
  10. Broken things you’ve been meaning to fix


Don’t forget some of these items are recyclable! Be sure to throw them in the right bin. Expired coupons, take-out menus and old magazines can be tossed in the blue bin, but expired pantry items should be thrown in the green bin. Expired medication should be taken to your local pharmacist. While chipped dishes and mugs can go directly in the garbage, as can expired make-up and things you’ve been meaning to fix. Surprisingly, DVDs and CDs can be taken to Value Village or Goodwill, as can duplicate kitchen tools. Remember the old adage, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!