Putting Viral Cleaning Tools to the Test's featured image

MOLLY MAID Cleaning expert and brand ambassador, Kim Dunn, recently spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about some viral cleaning tools that have taken Canada by storm. TikTok fans will undoubtedly have seen some of these products hailed as game changers. So, Kim took on the task of verifying claims to see if these products really are life-altering or just a lot of hype.

Bissell Little Green Proheat Portable Deep Cleaner

Kim has long been a big fan of the Bissell Little Green. In fact, it’s one of those products she says she can’t live without. The Little Green provides users with a deep clean while removing stains from food, liquid, and pets. Lightweight and portable, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, Kim does point out that its size can be a hindrance when tackling a large job. It’s a small unit, which means it has a small tank that Kim warns will need to be emptied frequently for larger items.

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster

Much like the Scrub Daddy Sponge, the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster lives up to all its claims, says Kim. This reusable sponge is activated when wet and removes dust, pet fur, and hair from all kinds of surfaces without the need for cleaning chemicals. What makes it so effective? The grooves! They effectively trap dust and are perfect for use on blinds, vents, baseboards, railings, mirrors, and more. Better yet, this damp duster requires minimal or no chemicals for a quality clean.

Silicone Toilet Brush

What makes this tool stand out is the ventilated holder. This allows the brush to dry out quickly after use and ensures it’s never left sitting in bacteria-filled water like other brushes. The flexible bristles easily conform to whatever surface you are scrubbing, whether it’s the bowl or the rim. However, Dunn says the uniquely-shaped brush head and silicone bristles can take some getting used to when you start using this toilet cleaner. But, with a little practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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