Quick and Dirty: Holiday Cleaning Emergencies's featured image

Guests are coming over during the holidays, so there are going to be cleaning emergencies (there always are!) The professional house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID provide these quick and easy solutions for common problems:

White heat stain on a wooden table top:  Put mineral oil on a microfibre cloth and rub it into the stain. Let it sit overnight. Wipe clean. Repeat if necessary.

Lipstick on wine glasses: Don't put wine glasses right into the dishwasher if it has a lipstick stain. Rub the lipstick smudges with a little bit of table salt – it will remove the stain easily. Then, wash as usual.

Sticky price tag labels: If you see and feel remnants of a price tag on the bottom of a gift you just opened, use an alcohol wipe or pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and rub it in a circular motion; the sticky material should disappear. If that doesn't work, put some olive oil onto the sticky substance and be sure it soaks through. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. It should slide off easily.

Red wine, white tablecloth: Coat the stain with table salt and let it stand for five minutes. Now (this is the tricky part), stretch the stained area over a bowl and secure it with a rubber band. Place in the sink and carefully pour boiling water over the stain from a height of at least a foot. The stain should wash away.

Dripped wax on tablecloth: Put the tablecloth into the freezer for an hour. Remove it and crack the wax and remove what you can. Rub mineral spirits into any remaining wax. Rinse with rubbing alcohol, let it dry fully, and then wash with an enzyme detergent.