Re-think the Home Office's featured image

Organizing your home office for maximum efficiency will help save time and your sanity (you'll stop losing important items and pay bills on time). It will also be easier to keep the area clean, according to the home service professionals at MOLLY MAID. Here's a guide:

1. Remove everything from the work surface (except the computer, if it's a desktop).

2. Take a close look at the 'office' furniture and the way it is set up. Is the computer in the best location? Does the chair have wheels? Does it provide good support? Is there enough good light for the space? Is there a window in the room that puts glare on the computer screen? See if you can rearrange things for comfort and work-efficiency.

3. Dust and clean surfaces with a damp cloth. Dust the monitor. Keep in mind that research has shown some of the dirtiest places in an office setting include keyboards and desk surfaces. Keep these areas clean. Wipe the phone regularly too.

4. Go through everything that was on the desk to see if you really need to keep it there. Is there a better way to group pens and other writing utensils? What about scissors and tape? Paper clips and even hand cream? Visit a store that sells storage containers (like a dollar store) and pick up some that will help keep the desk tidier.

5. What about filing? Are you 'filing' papers on the desk? Again, purchase a filing cabinet, small bookcase or even coloured folders, which best suits the filing method you prefer.

6. Now, re-arrange the computer, phone, pens, stapler and other often-used items, so that you can reach all of them without changing position in your chair.

7. Create a system so you know what needs to be addressed right away – an 'in' box, of sorts, for all new items and an 'out' box for all items that have been addressed and need to be filed or mailed out.