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With the cost of everything on the rise these days, renewed and refurbished items have become a popular choice. Not sure where to start, we’ve got some ideas that are sure to please.

Holiday Gift Giving with a Vintage Twist

As people tighten their holiday gift budgets this year, vintage and refurbished gifts are becoming quite popular. These items lie somewhere between used and new and often cost less. More importantly, refurbished items are eco-friendly, as they support the marketplace of goods that already exist.

So, where do you start? You may be surprised to find some treasures at home. Consider it a holiday purge. Books, for example, never get old. A boxed set of Harry Potter books would delight any child, age-old classics seem more precious when passed along. Books that are dog-eared or grandma’s favourite recipe book with hand-written notes are priceless. Let’s be honest, even the latest New York Times bestseller can be appreciated.

Jewellery is another item that people covet. An age-old tradition, it’s a gift packed with sentimentality. Same as musical instruments. Pull that guitar you haven’t played for years out of storage and dust it off. A quick tune-up and you’ve got the perfect gift for any budding musician.

If you’ve got artistic flair, get creative! Thrift a pair of jeans and turn them into a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. All you need is some fabric paint and a brush. Your design can be a simple flower or two, a poem, or a favourite anime character.

Refurbished items can also be found in-store or online, especially in the tech field. Apple, Best Buy, and even eBay have refurbished programs, which feature products considered “as good as” or “better than” new at a discount. Don’t be put off by the refurbished tags. It’s simply a blanket term for many different scenarios ranging from open box items returned shortly after the sale, or used items that undergo maintenance before being resold. Just be sure to do a little research before making a purchase. You may even find some refurbished units that come with a one or two-year warranty and easy returns.