Reunite With Your Neglected Dust Traps's featured image

To fight the never-ending battle of dust, dirt and the dreaded dust bunnies that plagues our homes, the average person has a large variety of brooms in multiple sizes and multiple brands like Swiffer products and generic microfibre dry mops. If we’re diligent, we can do a fairly decent job of busting dust, but when was the last time you cleaned your vent covers? They’re the perfect hiding spot for dust because they’re out of sight and out of mind. Over time, undetected dust collects in the little slats making it that your home is always blowing dust. Stop neglecting them with the following few steps:


  • Step 1: Dust your vents with a dry microfibre mop or just use a microfibre cloth. Depending on where your vent is located (floor, wall or ceiling), you may have to sweep up after cleaning your vents.


  • Step 2: Unscrew vent covers and set aside. Using a vacuum dust brush or crevice attachment, clean out the air duct directly below the vent cover. This will clear out any dust and debris that may have gotten through the vent and settled in the air duct. Ensure vacuum attachments are firmly secured or secure them with a bit of strong tape to prevent losing them in the duct.


  • Step 3: Screw vent covers back in place, nice and tight. If your vent covers are chipped or broken, you may want to consider replacing them.


PRO TIP: To keep your vent covers dust-free, add an old butter knife to your cleaning arsenal. To use, cover the butter knife with a dry microfibre cloth, and slide the knife back and forth between ventilation slats.


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