Roll on: Four Lint Roller Tricks's featured image

Lint rollers are quite handy little items that have come a long way from removing cat hair from your black pants! Here are four new ingenious uses for your lint roller:

  • Glass shards – When a glass or plate shatters on the floor, it can be next to impossible to pick up all the tiny shards with your hands (and not recommended either). Instead of reaching for the vacuum first, take out your lint roller. Carefully roll the lint roller overtop of the area where the item shattered to pick up any little pieces that may have gone unnoticed.
  • Seat of your Car – Have you ever reached down into the space beside your seat in your car to grab an item that has fallen? If so, you probably encountered a lot of dust and dirt before reaching the actual item you’re looking for. Clean up those hard to reach spaces by using a mini lint roller. A lint roller is also handy for picking up dirt or crumbs off of your car floor, in between when you vacuum.
  • Bed – Breakfast in bed is always a treat, but sleeping with crumbs in your bed isn’t as pleasant. Remove crumbs from your sheets, by pulling back your covers and using a lint roller to clean-up the mess in a jiffy.
  • Glitter – Crafts are always a fun activity for the kids, however cleaning up glitter can often be a challenge. Tackle the mess with ease by running your lint roller over top of the glittery mess.