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Whether you’re dealing with a dull stainless-steel sink, layers of grime on your patio table, or caffeine stained mugs, the only way you’ll see results is if you scrub them like you mean it! Here’s how:

Stainless-steel Sink

Your sink endures a lot of wear and tear, yet, it’s often the element in your home that gets the least amount of TLC. When you’re ready to give it the love it deserves, grab some baking soda, water and a scouring pad. Add the baking soda and water into a bowl to make a paste. Rinse the sink to remove any crumbs and debris. Next, apply a teaspoon of paste to your scouring pad. Test a small patch of your sink prior to cleaning the full sink. Scrub and scour the entire sink in small concentrated circles. Be prepared to break a sweat! Rinse and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Patio Table

Tree sap, pollen and dust from your neighbour’s construction project are all examples of debris that can end up on your patio table. The first step to cleaning your plastic or glass patio table is to wipe down the tabletop and legs with a wet microfibre cloth. Next, make a paste using baking soda and water, then using a clean microfibre cloth, coat the entire table. If there is a lot of dirt build-up on your table, let the paste sit for 30 minutes before removing it with a clean, damp microfibre cloth. Letting the paste sit will make your job much easier, so be patient!

Coffee & Tea Mugs

Caffeine stains in your mug? You can easily fix that with a little bit of baking soda and sea salt.  Start by giving your mug a quick rinse. Add a dash of baking soda and sea salt into the mug, and scrub away with a scouring pad, then rinse. In just under a minute, your java jars and tea tumblers will look at good as new.