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Shoes protect our feet from the elements and outdoor terrain, but they can also be a status symbol and hold social currency. From loafers to boots to high-heeled Mary Janes, men and women alike are shoe obsessed. Reportedly, the average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, while most women own up to a whopping 27 pairs! But shoes can also create quite a mess. Scattered across the front hall like a minefield, piled up in a corner or simply hidden in a heap in the closet, keeping all our shoes organized can be a big headache. 

Luckily, we’ve found that shoes don’t take up half as much space if you have a system in place. The key is getting them up off the floor where they are less of a tripping hazard and organized in a way that fits your home.

Hanging Canvas Shoe Organizers

A great space saver, the hanging canvas shoe organizer has deep pockets for all types of shoes and protects shoes from dust. Buy one for every closet and shoes will magically disappear. 

Wire Wall Mounts

Sturdy wire wall racks hung at the back of your closet is a serious commitment to shoe organization. Hang shoes, purses and scarves on these multi-purpose racks for added storage solutions. 

Under the Bed Storage Drawers 

Untapped real estate, the space under your bed is ideal for storing shoes that are less worn. Out of sight, out of mind, under the bed storage drawers can hold at least 12 pairs of shoes and are easily pulled in and out when needed.   

Shoe Cabinets

Popular and stylish, this cabinet must be fastened to the wall. Holding a minimum of 18 pairs of shoes, this juggernaut gives your shoes the ventilation and space they need to keep them like new. 

Bench/Shoe Rack Combo

More a piece of furniture than a rack, an attractive bench and shoe rack combo gives family members a place to sit while putting shoes on and off. The drawback? Only 3 pairs of shoes fit comfortably on each shelf. 


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Photo by Morgan Petroski on Unsplash