Smooth Operator: Fitness Tips for Cleaning your Blender's featured image

Blenders are kitchen juggernauts! They have the power to transform humble ingredients into delicious soups, smoothies and compost for your garden, as well as whip up all kinds of icy cocktails. Are you looking for a long-term relationship with your blender? The secret to success is this 3-step bulletproof cleaning system:

1. The Rinse Reflex

In order to have a truly healthy relationship with a blender, it’s imperative that you develop a rinse reflex. In simple terms, the moment you’re done using the blender jar you have to rinse it. Immediately. Don’t forget the lid. By rinsing immediately, you dramatically cut down on cleaning time. If you’re in a rush, just rinse once, fill with water, pulse a few times and leave it soaking.

2. The Hand Wash Crunch

Once you’ve rinsed the blender jar, you’ll need to remove its base in order to access the agitator and gasket. Every blender model differs, so review the user guide before taking yours apart. FYI, all appliance companies post their appliance manuals online. Once you’ve removed the agitator base you can safely hand wash the inside of the blender jar. Then carefully clean the sharp blade assembly, the rubber gasket, and again, don’t forget the lid. All you need is a microfibre cloth and a couple drops of dish soap. If you’ve never cleaned this part of your blender before, be warned: there will be sliminess under the gasket. You may also need an old toothbrush to help you scrub off old food particles. Rinse, dry and re-assemble. Give the blender base a wipe down too.

3. Lunge Away from the Dishwasher!

Some manufacturers claim that it’s safe to run your blender and all its parts through the dishwasher; others claim it causes too much wear and tear. While the cleaning jury deliberates, we’d like to point out that glass blender jars can handle more heat and agitation than plastic ones. Also, the blender agitator blades are very delicate. If they chip or break inside the dishwasher the repair bill will be hefty. Our two cents: adopting a hand washing mindset will greatly extend the life of your blender.