Spring Cleaning Series: Main Floor Spaces's featured image

If you're going to tackle some of your big spring cleaning projects yourself this month, the home service professionals at MOLLY MAID can help get you started. With just a bit of care, attention and elbow grease, your home will sparkle in the warmer months ahead.

Clear winter clutter. Find a home for those scarves still piled in the front hallway, the container of de-icer in the closet and the ice skates in the back room. At the same time, sort things out using three boxes labelled: 'Keep', 'Donate', and 'Dispose'. As you sort through your cupboards, closets and wardrobes, place items in the corresponding box.

Inspect and clean window treatments. Whether you need to wash blinds, send drapes to the dry cleaners, or throw washable curtains into the washing machine, getting your window treatments clean after a long winter will brighten the entire room. Dust down the window casing, wash window sills, and clean any window hardware.

Get rid of fingerprints and scuff marks. Wash all painted commonly-touched surfaces such as doors, walls and baseboards. You may have to touch-up areas where paint is scuffed off.

Pay attention to floors that likely took a beating through the winter. Before damp mopping, sweep or vacuum floors to collect crumbs, dust and dirt. Then, always start washing the floor in the farthest corner of the room and work your way towards the door. Use a damp cloth on the end of a mop handle to reach narrow spaces such as the area between appliances.

Remove cobwebs in hard-to-get corners and crevices with the same mop or a long feather duster. Also, use the feather duster on lampshades, which can look a bit grey and dust-ridden in the brighter light of spring.