Spring Cleaning Series: Taking it Outside's featured image

Just like any spring cleaning, it's easiest to approach a large area with a list, say the professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID.

Here is an initial checklist for the outside of your house:

Windows: Wash windows and screens for a sparkling view of spring.

Gutters: Check gutters and remove any debris from winter storms.

Siding: Pressure wash the siding of your home to remove grime. Start at the highest points of the home to avoid washing dirt down onto clean areas.

Garage: Clean out the garage and make space for equipment such as bikes, outdoor games and gardening equipment. Is it time to hold a garage sale?

Flooring: Inspect the wood deck for signs of rot or decay and make repairs as necessary. If you have a concrete patio, check for chips or cracks that need repair, and scrub away any stains.

Furniture: If patio furniture has been outside all winter, it will need to be scrubbed clean. Otherwise, brush it off and return it to the patio or deck.

Grills: Check the connections and operations, following all safety guidelines. Clean the grills and handles, lubricate the lid and get ready for great barbecues.

Lighting: Check any exterior lighting – bulbs should be snugly screwed in and all fixtures working appropriately.

Miscellaneous: Look around. You may need to clean the doghouse if you have one. Do you put out birdhouses and bird feeders? Check that the mailbox is secure and clean.