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Between the products in our hair and the dust in the air, it’s no wonder our hair brushes and styling tools look a little shabby. Here are some nifty tricks to help you keep your hair styling tools clean – and functioning well.

Hair Dryer: It is important to ensure that the air-inlet on the back of your hair dryer is clean at all times. In fact, not cleaning the air-inlet filter regularly is the primary reason why hair dryers break prematurely. To clean the vent, open the back of the hair dryer and remove the filter if possible. Brush off any dust and dirt from the filter and then clean the filter with hot soapy water.  Let the filter dry completely before carefully replacing it. If the filter is not removable, use a toothpick to pull out any dust and lint. Replace the back of the hair dryer.

Curling/Flat Iron: Start by heating your curling/flat iron for one minute and then, unplug it. The heat will help loosen any of the hair product stuck to the curling/flat iron. Once your curling/flat iron has cooled so that it is warm to the touch, mix one part rubbing alcohol and two parts baking soda into a bowl. Coat your curling/flat iron with the solution using a microfibre cloth. Let the solution sit for fifteen minutes, then remove using a clean microfibre cloth.

Hair Brushes: To clean the head of your hairbrush, swirl it around in a bowl of warm water. Next, add a few drops of gentle shampoo to an old toothbrush and use it to scrub the bristles and base of your hairbrush. Rinse well and let dry. This process should be done at least once a month.