Summer Party Checklist's featured image

If you're going to host a party this summer, let our 'Summer Party Checklist' help so that you will actually be able to enjoy the party yourself!

Three weeks ahead:

Choose a theme and invite your friends.

  • Decide what type of party you will have – an elegant dinner party or a summer BBQ? If you decide on a theme (Beach Blanket Bingo or Black and White, for example), this is the time to start looking for decorations.
  • Send out invitations with all the details (time, location/address, date, theme, etc.)

Plan the menu.

  • Include lots of make-ahead dishes so that you are not running around your kitchen minutes before your guests arrive. Organisation really is the key to having a relaxed and enjoyable time.
  • If long-time friends insist on bringing something, it's okay to ask them to bring something off the menu.

Two weeks ahead:

Create a music playlist.

  • Your playlist should be long enough that it will continue throughout the party. Remember to set the playlist to a volume that won't interfere with conversation. Also, all your guests may not have the same taste in music – include a nice mix.

Make a detailed shopping list and plan your cooking schedule.

  • Be sure to include every ingredient including main meal, starters, dessert, and drinks. This is also the time to place your orders with the local butcher, fishmonger, wine merchant. etc.

One week before:

Give your house a good clean.

  • Remove any clutter and thoroughly clean your home so that you will only have to maintain it by doing a quick clean.
  • If you find you don't have time to clean, contact your local MOLLY MAID to arrange for them to take this off your checklist.

Day before:

Consider a seating plan, decorate, clean some more, and do your shopping.

  • This is the time to prepare the meals that can be prepared ahead of time.
  • Arrange flowers.
  • Do any cleaning touch-ups wherever necessary (if you need help, MOLLY MAID is always available to help).
  • Be sure to check that there are clean hand towels and hand soap in the bathrooms.

Day of:

Set the table and finish cooking your meals.

  • Ensure the dishwasher is empty and ready for loading!

One hour before:

Get Ready!

  • Put on your party clothes, set the appropriate lighting and music, uncork the wine and have a glass!