Surprising Ways to do your Spring Cleaning's featured image

Spring is finally here and it’s time to give your home a good deep cleaning from top to bottom! The professional cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest utilizing the following tips to freshen up these five areas in your home.  

Blinds: A dryer sheet makes a fabulous dusting cloth for your blinds. Begin dusting your blinds, starting at the top and moving from left to right; working your way down. What’s great about using a dryer sheet to dust your blinds is that the sheet’s anti-static properties will help prevent future dust and dirt from sticking!

Windows: Does the forecast call for a cloudy day? If so, designate the day to cleaning your windows. Glass cleaning solutions dry much more quickly in direct sunlight and can result in streaking.  For best results, mix a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water into a spray bottle. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down your windows. If you are washing both the inside and outside of your windows, wipe the inside of your windows up and down, and the outside of your windows from left to right. This will make it easier to determine which side the imperfections are on.

Curtains: For regular maintenance of cotton or polyester curtains, a vacuum cleaner is all you need! For light cotton curtains, vacuum each panel one by one on a low suction setting, using the soft brush attachment. For heavier fabrics, such as polyester, use the upholstery attachment. Always vacuum your curtains from top to bottom, left to right. If your curtains are made of lace or sheer material, place them into the dryer on a gentle, no-heat cycle with a dryer sheet to freshen them up. If your curtains need to be spot cleaned, it is important to read the washing label prior to cleaning. For cotton or polyester curtains, simply dip a microfibre cloth into a solution of soap and water and gently dab the stain. If your curtains are made of sheer or lace material, send them to the dry cleaner to be cleaned.

Carpets: Your carpets take quite the beating during the winter season, especially if you have pets. Start your spring off with fresh carpets by deodorizing them with baking soda. Simply sprinkle your carpets with baking soda and let it sit for fifteen to thirty minutes. Vacuum the baking soda up thereafter.

Beds: Use your smart phone calendar to remind you to flip and rotate the mattresses in your home, every six months. This will increase the longevity of your mattress.