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No two families are alike when it comes to schedules, routines and chores, but most families are alike in that no one wants to clean the bathroom. Love it, or hate it, learning to clean your bathroom is a lifelong skill necessary for hygienic reasons (and for romantic reasons too).

Not sure when to teach your kid the fundamentals of sink, toilet and bathtub cleaning? May we suggest that if your child is old enough to demand designer clothes, make-up and phone upgrades, then they’re certainly old enough to learn to scrub the tub! Use this simple 1-2-3 system to teach a teen the basics of bathroom cleaning hygiene.

1.  Start Small

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a shimmering bathroom – especially when it’s someone’s first time cleaning it. Don’t just send your kid in with an arsenal of cleaning tools and complicated directions, and demand they clean the whole bathroom. Start by showing them how to properly deep clean one section at a time. Begin with the sink, then get them to re-do your work. Once they’ve mastered the sink, move on to the toilet, then the bathtub and/or shower, then add the vacuuming and mopping. It’s important to share best practices, tips and set the right expectations for cleanliness right from the get-go!

2. No Ifs, Ands or Buts

Structure isn’t every family’s forte, but if you’re looking to delegate some household chores to your teen, it’s important you set some firm rules. Pick a cleaning day and time that works around your teen’s schedule and have them stick to it. You’ll likely hear repeat excuses like, “I can’t clean today because I don’t feel well…because I’ll be late for the party…because it’s not that important.” Be firm, this isn’t just about the bathroom, it’s about lifelong skills that’ll serve them well for life. You can even use modern technology to set reminders and delegate tasks accordingly. Just read our blog about Cleaning Your Room-The Modern Way for advice on which apps your teen can set up on their phone and hold them accountable – no more excuses!

3. Two is a Perfect Number

If you’ve got two or more teens under your roof then everybody wins— sort of. At first, you may have multiple kids trying to avoid their chores, but after some time they’ll get into a routine, and lucky for them, they can take turns. Sometimes, in order to achieve peak chore success, parents have to become master negotiators. Now and then, you may need to hold back allowance, ground them, have them decline party invites, or take away their devices, but it’s all for their own good. Someday, even if it’s light years away, they’ll be grateful that you instilled independence and cleanliness into their lives.

Want your teens to start fresh with a clean slate? Contact your local MOLLY MAID for a spring cleaning and show your household what a real deep clean looks like! It will then be much easier and more manageable for them to maintain in the coming months.




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