The 4 Kitchen Tools We Can’t Live Without!'s featured image

Ever catch yourself about to tackle a truly ugly, inconvenient or problematic clean up in the kitchen, and you think ‘if only I had help’. Well, today’s your lucky day! Just as there are many useless gadgets that merely clutter our counters and drawers, there are many wonderful kitchen aids on the market. Here are four of our favourite cleaning tools.

Straw Cleaner

In the past few years for planet-saving reasons, re-usable glass, stainless steel and recycled plastic straws have become all the rage. There’s nothing that’ll deep clean a re-usable straw as well as a straw cleaner. Simply insert the ultra thin brush into the straw under warm running water, and voila! Most metal or glass re-usable straws are sold with a straw cleaner within a kit.

Heavy-duty Bottle Brush

Cleaning re-usable travel mugs stained by tea and coffee, and giving extra-deep water bottles and baby bottles their daily required scrubbing is only possible with a gentle giant. Enter the stiff polyester bristled-brush, which can help you deal with those hard-to-reach corners. Bottle brushes can be found at most grocery or home stores, or even the dollar store!

Microfibre Cloth

The world of house cleaning owes the world of car detailing enormous gratitude for the introduction of the microfibre cloth. The best of the best microfibre cloths are made up of a polyester and polyamide blend; a ratio of 80% to 20% is ideal for most house cleaning needs. The reason microfibre cloths are so effective is that they attract dirt and absorb liquid simultaneously!

Roll-up Dish Drying Rack

You’re feeling fabulous about hosting your first housewarming party! But as you return to the kitchen after saying goodbye to your last guest, you realize half the glass wear can’t be put into the dishwasher. Hand washing isn’t really the issue, is it? It’s where to try drip dry everything. That’s where roll-up dish drying racks come in to save the day. Roll out when needed. Rinse, dry and put away and out of sight when you’re done.