The Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Efficient Cleaning Tools's featured image

Assemble these cleaning tools – and you’re ‘good to go’ for spring cleaning!

Broom – Brooms that have nylon bristles catch dirt best. An angled head helps get into the corners.

Bucket – Store all your cleaning products in a bucket. You’ll always know where they are, and you’ll be able to easily carry them around to different rooms as you clean them. Set the bucket on a cloth to prevent damage to the floor surface.

Cleaning products – The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend the following core group of bio-based cleaning products: glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, washroom cleaner and disinfectant.

Cleaning cloths – The best (and “greenest”) cleaning cloths are washable and reusable, so stock up on microfibre cloths made from polyester, nylon or a blend of the two. You can wash them in the washing machine when you’re done, and then let them dry naturally (don’t put them in the dryer).

Duster – For cobwebs and other dust in corners and on ceilings, an extendable duster is your cleaning tool of choice.

Garbage bags – Stock up on smaller ones that are easy to tote around as you clean the house – and at least one larger garbage bag that you can leave in a central location and just continue to fill as you go.

Mop – Look for a mop with a washable cloth head made of cotton or microfibre.

Scrubby tool – When you need to rub or scour to remove dirt, use a plastic, nylon or wire scrubby tool that is designed for all surfaces (and won’t scratch, or otherwise damage, any surface).

Rubber gloves – It’s really important to protect yourself from germs and any cleaning agents. All you need are rubber gloves.

Special ‘natural’ cleaning products – For stain removal and special cleaning, you may need to use white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, bio-based dish soap or a neutral cleaner.

Toothbrush – This is a perfect cleaning tool for small, awkward spots – like your sink taps in the bathroom. Keep one in your cleaning bucket too.

Squeegee – Use a squeegee in the bath and shower to remove excess water. It should have a durable rubber edge. You might want to leave it in the shower, then ask everyone in the family to clean up when they’re done.

Of course, a good vacuum cleaner is a necessity (but it won’t fit into your bucket). Also, keep a toilet bowl caddy and soft brush in every bathroom.