The Top Four Clutter Areas in your Home's featured image

Household clutter getting you down?  Don’t stress! The residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend using these helpful tips to declutter the top five clutter hotspots in your home.

Hallway: The front foyer and hallway of your home sees a lot of traffic each day. Stop clutter at the door by designating a place or space for each member of your family.

Solution: install and designate a hook, basket/drawer for each person to place their coats, hats, mitts, scarves, shoes, etc. in. Place a floor mat at the front door to prevent dirt and grime from making its way into your home. Ask each member of the family put away their outer wear and shoes each time they come into the home.

Junk drawer: Every home has a drawer full of odds and ends which is often labelled the ‘junk drawer.’ The junk drawer becomes a treasure trove of loose batteries, old utensils, pens, unused screws and nails from home projects, office supplies, etc.

Solution: Empty out the drawer completely. Throw away any garbage, broken or expired items. Remove any items that belong in other areas of your home and return them. Categorize, sort and organize any leftover items into smaller piles. Place each pile into a drawer organizer and place the organizer inside the drawer. Make it a habit of cleaning and organizing this drawer regularly.

Food cupboards: The cupboards in your kitchen often get crowded and messy fast.

Solution: Take the time to clean out your cupboards prior to going to the grocery store. Compost or throw out expired items. Any items that you know will not be consumed, donate them to your local food bank. Organize items according to categories. For example, organize spices together for easy access. Place any regularly used items on lower shelves, and any less used items on top shelves. Amalgamating like items also helps cut down clutter. To make better use of the space in your cupboards, utilize over-the-door storage, mobile shelving units, and/or racks.

Bedside table: Your bedside table often gets bogged down by a variety of items making it a prime area for clutter.

Solution: Remove all of the items from the surface of your nightstand. Using a multi-purpose spray and microfibre cloth, wipe the surface. Next, evaluate the items you have removed. Return any items that don’t belong on your nightstand to their rightful homes. For example, remove any empty cups or bowls and place them in the dishwasher. Throw away any garbage as well. Neatly place any essential items back on your nightstand such as your alarm clock, lamp and phone charger. For any items that should be close by, but don’t necessarily need to be placed on your bedside table, organize them in your bedside table drawer for easy access.