Three Steps to Cleaning your Kitchen Junk Drawer's featured image

Rid yourself of that messy kitchen drawer by following these simple steps:

Dump it: Dump the contents of your junk drawer out onto a large surface. Sort the items into three separate piles; the first pile should contain items you use most in the kitchen. The second pile should contain items you use sometimes and the third should contain items that you use frequently, but do not belong in the kitchen. When you have finished, have a good look at what’s left on the table. Throw away any garbage, broken or unknown items. Next, take the items in the third pile and return them to their rightful homes. Remove any old liner paper from the bottom of your drawer and wipe the inside using a damp microfibre cloth. Replace the liner if necessary.

Contain it: Gather containers that will fit inside your drawer, to help keep items organized and sorted. Do you have any unused ice-cube trays, empty jars, or egg cartons that can be used to hold smaller items? If not, you can always visit the dollar store and purchase some small plastic containers to help you organize.

Organize it: Fill the drawer using the containers you’ve gathered, making sure to use the drawer space wisely. Once you have filled the drawer, arrange the items from the first pile into containers according to their use. When you have finished, begin arranging items from the second pile into any leftover containers, beginning with the items you feel would be most necessary to have close at hand. Lastly, find a new home for any leftover items that may not have fit into the drawer.