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The professional cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend hiring an expert, to clean these items in your home.

The dryer vent
Most household dryers are attached to a venting system that, over time, can become clogged with lint and debris. Too much lint in your venting system can prevent sufficient airflow, eventually causing a fire. According to Ivey Engineering Inc, it is important to have your dryer vents cleaned once a year. If you are unsure of your last cleaning, here are four warning signs, that will help you determine when it’s time to clean your vents.

    1. Your dryer takes longer to dry your clothing.
    2. The exterior of your dryer is very warm when drying your clothes.
    3. There is a burning smell coming from your dryer.
    4. The flap of your vent hood is difficult to open.

The wood burning fireplace
It is important to have your fireplace cleaned at least once a year, to remove any flammable material and debris from your chimney stack. According to Northeastern Chimney LLC, the best time to have your chimney cleaned is in the spring or summer, prior to burning season.

The air ducts
It is important to have your ducts cleaned frequently, especially if you have pets, allergies or have recently undergone renovations in your home. Infrequent cleaning can cause dust, dander and debris to be recycled throughout your home, decreasing the quality of air indoors. According to the American Lung Association, 60%-90% of people spend most of their time indoors. It is said, that on average, a mid-size home collects 40 pounds of dust per year. Therefore, it is very important to have your ducts cleaned regularly, to keep the air quality in your home, clean and fresh.

The carpets
Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is a great way to maintain your carpets, however, in order to extend its longevity, it is recommended to have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year. According to Carters Carpets Restoration, the best method for deep cleaning your carpets is to steam  them. This type of cleaning helps life dirt, debris, and pollutants from your carpet fibres, and even removes moisture, which helps speed up the drying process. Deep cleaning your carpets can be done by your local professional, or on your own, by renting a carpet cleaning machine.

Your home
Tackling daily household chores can be a hassle, especially for a busy family. Why not hire a professional maid service such as MOLLY MAID, to take care of all your cleaning needs. Whether you require your house cleaned weekly, every other week, monthly or for that one-time special occasion, MOLLY MAID ensures all of your cleaning needs are met. MOLLY MAID provides their own transportation, green cleaning products and supplies. Our professional cleaning staff are also bonded and insured. Let MOLLY MAID take care of the dirty work for you, so you can relax and enjoy the more important things in life!