It’s Time to Clean your Air Conditioner's featured image

Your home’s outside air conditioning unit is probably the last thing you think about as the temperature starts to go down. However, there are a few simple things you should include in your fall clean up to ensure your AC is in working order once the temperatures are on their way back up next year. Before you do anything, turn your air conditioner off – the first rule of cleaning any type of machinery.

Check your Surroundings

Clear the area around your AC unit. Leaves and branches can quickly accumulate over the summer reducing proper air flow, which can affect how efficiently your unit works.

Clean off your Unit

Give your AC unit a fall facial. Pull out your garden hose and wash away dirt, grime and/or any dead bugs. To really get into those hard-to-reach areas, you may want to invest in a refrigerator condenser coil brush and a coil cleaner.

Check for Necessary Repairs

Check to see if anything needs fixing or replacing on the unit. You may need a new air grille fan guard or fan blade. Replacing it now will ensure it’s in tip top condition for that early spring heat wave.

Prepare it for Storage

Install a foam pipe cover around your AC unit’s exposed pipe (not the small copper line). This will insulate and protect it from freezing temperatures. Duct tape will help to keep it in place.

Pro Tip: In the past, AC manufacturers would recommend that the unit be completely covered in the winter. It’s now believed that covering the unit entirely can restrict air flow and trap moisture, which can lead to problems in the spring. Consider cutting a piece of plywood or tarp to fit the top of the unit during the colder months protecting it from snow and ice. Either way, it’s a good idea to check on your AC unit throughout the winter to ensure it’s safe and sound.

Now that the weather is cooling down, proper cleaning and storage is more important than ever. For detailed cleaning services, contact MOLLY MAID. Our professional cleaners will work with you to ensure you have a clean and organized space ready for any weather hibernation.