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No Shoes, Thank you and Please!


Depending on who you ask, those ‘please remove your shoes’ signs will elicit all sorts of reactions. Although the message seems apolitical, not everyone will appreciate the firm request. With what we’re dealing with globally, there’s never been a better time to keep our floors clean and germ free. Visitors to your home may applaud or refuse to comply with your no street shoes in the house policy, here’s our tips to dealing with the crowds.

No Shoes? No Problem!

As they say in retail, this is your dream client. These visitors not only acknowledge and celebrate your sign, they come prepared with indoor shoes and slippers of their own. The #1 way to make all guests feel welcome is to provide fresh slippers, shoe covers or slip proof socks, which you can stock up on at the dollar store.

No Shoes? No Way!

Whether you live in a boutique condo or a sprawling country ranch, you’re entitled to impose a no shoe policy. But some visitors, including tradespeople, don’t like to be told when to take their shoes off. No problem, provide reusable boot and shoe covers. Purchase in bulk so no one ever tracks dirt through your home.

No Shoes? Not Worth the Fight

Like any policy and rule, there should always be exceptions. Whether it’s someone from an older generation who’s never heard of a no shoes in the house rule, or a guest who may have trouble taking off and putting on their shoes, be prepared to clean up once they leave.