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Making Kids’ Chores Cheerful with Colourful Chore Charts


Household chores are a fact of life. So kids should get in on the action early.  Not only will they feel part of the team, they’ll also learn important life skills and a sense of responsibility. How you assign chores is up to you. Whether you set it up daily, weekly, or monthly, a chore chart to help keep track and monitor completion is a good idea. Jody Arsenault, Founder and Chief Editor of the Canadian blog  may have created the best chore chart yet. We give the Paint Chip Chore chart two thumbs up for its size, style and ease of use!

This chore chart idea uses a simple paint chip sample found at your local paint shop or hardware store. Look for the ones that are bookmark size in shape and have a gradual range of colour (typically, about six different shades). Jody uses a paint chip for each room in her house, and on each different hue lists the chores that need to be tackled. You could also use the same idea for each child. Instead of a room, put their name on the top colour and then list their chores on the remaining strips of colour below. Your kids will love the personalized touch that features their favourite colour and, though they may not admit it, they’ll get a great sense of satisfaction checking off each completed task.

Wondering what chores are age-appropriate for your child? Consider these options, and play it by ear based on their response. If your child takes to chores easily, congrats! We find it’s usually more of a balancing act to see what chores give your child purpose without overwhelming them.

Chores for kids, ages 3 to 5:

  • Put toys away
  • Put clothes in the laundry hamper
  • Dust
  • Use a handheld vacuum in small areas
  • Stack books and games

Chores for kids, ages 6 to 8:

  • Sweep floor
  • Make their bed (to the best of their ability)
  • Sort laundry

Chores for kids, ages 9 and up:

  • Vacuum and mop
  • Hang clean clothes
  • Change sheets
  • Clean glass and surfaces
  • Clean toys (without bleach or harsh chemicals)


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