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8 Cheap & Cheerful Under-the-Sink Organizers

Pipes are the problem in this “handy” storage space. Smack dab in the centre of the cupboard, they inhibit any shelving solution. But storage is storage and an answer needs to be found. We’ve asked our cleaning experts for a little insight into how they solve this problem in their homes, and some of the answers are very clever. Use one or integrate a few for the best results.

A Lazy Susan (or if you prefer, a Serviette, Turntable or Rotating Tray)

Whatever you decide to call your Lazy Susan, it’s a great way to make a difficult-to-get-to space more accessible.

Over-the-Door Organizers

Taking advantage of a cupboard door is a great use of space. Find a small OTD organizer to stash pantry overflow (spices/condiments), cleaners and cleaning supplies.

Dowel & Hook Combo

The DIY route for using the back of your cupboard door is to stick 2 hooks on the door and a piece of dowel (cut to fit). It’s perfect for a roll of garbage bags or paper towel.

A Tension Rod

Hang a tension rod under the sink to quickly manage cleaning supplies that come in a spray bottle. Easily accessible and much tidier, this tip maximizes storage space.

Different Size Baskets

Dividing a space into smaller sections helps keep items uncluttered. Have a basket filled with cleaning supplies, another for clean dish towels and one for household tools.

A Cleaning Caddy

Much like a basket, a caddy keeps like-things organized, but is much more portable. Need to clean the bathroom? Grab the cleaning caddy from under the sink and go!

Shelf Stackers

If you have the space, simple shelf stackers may be the answer to maximize space. Some are adjustable (to make room for that pipe), while others have drawers.

Wooden Clothes Peg

This under the sink fix costs the least, is super easy to affix and has a certain minimalist flair. Wooden clothes pegs will hold rubber gloves, abrasive scrubbies or even microfibre cloths.

The key to organizing the space under any sink (kitchen or bathroom) is to measure and re-measure. Be sure you know the dimensions of the space before buying anything so as not to buy a solution that’s too big or too small.


Photo by Kelly Lacey from Pexels