Use your Vacuum Cleaner for More than your Floors's featured image

The vacuum cleaner is the best invention since sliced bread! Not only do they help keep your carpets and floors dust and dirt free, but they can also help clean other areas in your home. Vacuums come with several attachments that can help you clean, even the toughest areas of your home. Here’s how:

The Extension Wand

The extension wand is the long, sturdy plastic tube that extends the vacuum hose by a foot and a half. The extension wand is perfect for reaching and cleaning items such as ceiling fans and lights, air vents, door frames and the top of your furniture. Utilizing the extension wand eliminates the need for a step stool when cleaning, and prevents any strain while cleaning by keeping your arms closer to your body.

The Crevice Cleaner

The crevice cleaner is an eight to twelve inch vacuum attachment with an angled tip. It is the perfect attachment for removing crumbs between your couch cushions, dust from baseboards, cleaning under appliances and removing dirt and debris from your window and door tracks. The crevice cleaner can also help you retrieve coins and jewelry that may have fallen between your couch cushion. Place one leg of an old pair of pantyhose over top of the crevice cleaner and suck up any lost items. This will help prevent any of your coins or jewelry from ending up in your machine, and instead attaches them to the pantyhose.

The Upholstery Tool

The upholstery tool is four to six inches wide, with targeted suction and contains a small band of microfibre strips that help attract dirt and dust. The upholstery tool is great for cleaning carpeted stairs and your mattress. Make sure to remove lint and dust from the attachment regularly to keep it working efficiently.

The Dusting Brush

The dusting brush has one inch long bristles around the head of the attachment. The bristles help dislodge dirt and dust from uneven surfaces. This attachment is perfect for cleaning air vents, refrigerator coils, window screens as well as chair and table legs.