Wake Up: Give your Living Room a Shake's featured image

Does your living room feel a little tired and dated? Not to worry! The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest implementing these helpful tips to wake up your living room this spring!

Create a new focal point: Create a dramatic focal point in your living room by adding vibrant or patterned wallpaper to the wall behind your sofa. You can also purchase a large, colourful painting or wall hanging to place over your couch as well. This will break up the solid colour on your walls and really draw your attention to that area in your living room.

Play with colour: Introduce contrast colours to your living room by painting one wall a shade lighter or darker than the rest. If your living room contains neutral colours, add a dark coffee table or throw rug to offset the colours. You can also add brightly coloured accessories such as throws, pillows and candles to the room to add some colour.

Redefine your windows: Consider raising your curtain rods to the ceiling and adding floor-length sheer curtains to your windows. This will keep the room bright while still maintaining privacy. Alternately, consider having shutters installed instead of curtains for a cozier feel.

Add some detail: Get creative and stencil your favourite quote onto a wall, in a font style that suits your decor. You can even create a dramatic wall arrangement of black and white photographs. Purchase three spring-flowering bulbs such as hyacinths, paper whites or tulips and line them up along your window sill for a spring feel.