What do your Cleaning Habits Really Say about you?'s featured image

Cleaning has more benefits than just a tidy home. In fact, cleaning has many psychological benefits as well. Here are the typical reasons why we clean and what our cleaning habits say about personality and psyche.

Reason one: I like having a clean home with things organized and in their place.

You clean for the sense of accomplishment it provides. The good news is, that this sense of accomplishment can also extend to other areas of your life. There’s also a sense of confidence that comes along with cleaning your home that helps you get ready to take on other challenges in your life.

Reason two: Cleaning helps me feel at peace.

Studies show that vacuuming, washing windows, and dusting can be very effective therapeutic tasks. When you clean your home, you get the feeling that your thoughts and psyche are being cleaned too. Want to start your week fresh? Get all your cleaning chores done on the weekend.

Reason three: Having a clean home gives me a sense of control over my whole life.

The world often feels chaotic and crazy, and keeping your home clean and orderly is a way for you to feel in control of the chaos. Coming home to a clean house is like a breath of fresh air. So, the next time you feel lost and are lacking control in your life, reach for the vacuum for some soothing therapy.

Reason four: When I’m stressed out, there’s nothing I like better than to give the kitchen a major clean.

Cleaning for you is a way to reduce the stress in your life, which is very beneficial. Cleaning allows you to break free from the pressures in your life and find balance.

Reason five: I love the mindlessness of cleaning. I end up feeling so relaxed when I’m done.

For you, cleaning acts as a form of meditation. Whether you listen to music while you work or just use the process to clear your mind, the cleaning process helps you find peace.

Reason six: After I’ve cleaned my home, and given it a good vigorous clean, I feel fabulous.

For you, cleaning burns calories making you feel accomplished. Moving your body and working your muscles while cleaning increases endorphins in your brain, which make you happy. Even twenty minutes a week of household cleaning can reduce feelings of stress and improve your mood.

Reason seven: My spotless house is a reflection of who I am as a person.

A cluttered messy space is a downer for you and can negatively affect your sense of self-worth. You feel that a clean and tidy home sends a message to others about the type of person you are.