What does your Least Preferred Cleaning Task say About you?'s featured image

Not all of the tasks on your cleaning checklist are the most enjoyable. In fact, your least favourite tasks say a lot about your personality.

You hold off on scrubbing the tub

You are spontaneous! Although your bathtub could use some elbow grease on a weekly basis, you often put off this tedious task because you feel your time is better spent elsewhere. You do not prefer to keep a tight schedule or agenda but rather, live in the moment.

You put off organizing your closet

You’re optimistic! You always have the intention of cleaning out your closet, but never get around to completing the task. Your closet is a mixture of new clothing and old outfits you just can’t seem to part with. You are optimistic that one day, one of these old outfits will be of use.

You dread cleaning your bathroom grout

You’re a big-picture thinker! When you look at your bathroom from a distance, you’re satisfied with its overall appearance and cleanliness. You prefer not to get too nit-picky about the smallest details but rather, invest time in cleaning the grout when you’re doing a big remodel.

You prefer not to clean the litter box

You’re extremely stressed out! Although cleaning the litter box is likely everyone’s least favourite task, continuously putting it off means you are extremely stressed out.  Extremely stressed out individuals are often able to tolerate a mess for a longer period of time. Our suggestion; clean the litter box and take a vacation.  It’s time to recharge!

Whatever your least preferred cleaning task may be, keep in mind that your local MOLLY MAID is available to take on those dreaded tasks so that you can enjoy the more important things in life! You’ll be glad you did.