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What’s that Sound?

Stop and take a moment to listen. What sounds do you hear in your home? While the quiet ticking of your living room clock is one thing, other items in your home may be making a racket. The great thing is, you can actually minimize or turn off some of these sounds in your home. Here’s how:

  • Fix the smaller things – Whether it’s the light buzzing of a lightbulb in your bedroom, or the dripping faucet in your kitchen, these background noises are enough to drive a person crazy! Set to work repairing them right away, by hiring a repairman or replacing the lightbulb. Tackling these small projects immediately can really make a difference in your home.
  • Cover up noise at night – The easiest way to camouflage night noise is to add a form of white-noise or background noise to the room. This can be achieved by turning on a fan, nature or ambient soundscapes, or by purchasing a white-noise machine.
  • Replace old appliances – Old appliances are famous for adding unwanted noise to your home. Replace old appliances with quieter models to minimize the racket.
  • Decorate with sound-absorbing materials – Implement sound-absorbing materials in each room of your home. These materials include thick rugs, large dressers, book shelves stacked with books and accessories, thick drapery and throw pillows. You can also panel your walls with wooden slats, or paint the room using sound proof paint.
  • Keep a pair of earplugs nearby – Keep a pair of earplugs handy for the days you can’t escape the noise. This is a great way to tune out the sounds and get some peace and quiet.