Working from Home During Summer Vacation's featured image

Summer break is often the time when balancing your household and work becomes difficult. For those of you who work from home, finding the time to fit in work while entertaining your children proves a challenging task. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID outline some tips and tricks to help you remain productive this summer break.

  • Create a Reasonable ‘To Do List’ to Accomplish – younger children require more attention and for longer periods of time. Create a smaller ‘to do list’ for yourself in this scenario. This way you will be able to entertain and care for your child while still managing to complete the tasks on your ‘to do list.’
  • Purchase a Smartphone – this will allow for easy access to your business emails and phone calls while you are out and about with your children.
  • Create a Chore Chart – give your children some responsibility and structure during the day by assigning chores and tasks. Some of these tasks can include, tidying their rooms, folding their clothes, setting the table, washing dishes or even taking care of the family pet. This will keep your children occupied while you catch up on your day to day business tasks.
  • Schedule Time for Fun Activities – dedicate a specific time or day for fun activities just like you would schedule time for work.
  • Schedule a Play Date – schedule play dates with other parents in your neighbourhood, holding every other play date at your house. This will allow you to catch up on your work or chores, while letting your neighbours to do the same.
  • Create an Activity Station – create an age appropriate activity station for your children where they can work on projects, crafts, puzzles or play games. Make sure to keep the activity station stocked so that your children have plenty of materials to work with. This will keep your children occupied while you work.
  • Create or Purchase, Ready-to-eat Snacks – cut up fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese and crackers or purchase small snacks such as granola bars for your children and prepare them at the beginning of the day. This way, when your children are ready for a snack they can easily get them from the fridge or cupboard. This allows you to focus on work without having to worry about making snacks throughout the day.
  • Order Take-Out – schedule a day each week to order take-out from your favourite restaurant. This will allow you to focus on work rather than on preparing dinner. It will also give you and your children something to look forward to!
  • Put on a Movie – on a rainy day, select a movie for your children to watch. This will keep the occupied during the rainy weather and help you get some work done.