Your Fall Cleaning Checklist's featured image

Another summer season has come to pass and fall is knocking at your door.  Are you ready to be cooped up inside more often and is your home ready for the colder temperatures?  Review these fall cleaning tips to ensure you’ll be prepared this fall.

1. Wrap outdoor faucets and pipes: To prevent water pipes from freezing, use an insulating material to wrap your faucets and pipes that are either outdoors or unheated. There are many insulating materials to choose from, so check with your local hardware supplier for the one that best suits your needs.

2. Gather and dispose of yard clutter: From hedge clippings to leaves to dog feces, you’ll want to make sure you completely clean your yard before winter begins. Any yard clutter overlooked in the fall will be hidden beneath the snow for a not-so-sweet surprise in the spring.

3. Check your furnace filter: Since your home will be closed up for the colder months and re-circulating air, you will want to check your furnace filter to ensure it is keeping the air clean. Your filter is an important part of your furnace, so to guarantee everything runs smoothly the filter should be checked each season and changed whenever you can no longer see through the filter (or as per the manufacturers recommendation).  Schedule a fall furnace inspection early, before the seasonal rush.

4. Clean behind your refrigerator and under your stove: From your windows and screen doors being open all summer dirt, dust and pollen can find their way within your home and hide in these hard to reach areas that are often overlooked when it comes to your regular cleaning routine. Carefully pull your fridge and stove away from the wall and clean behind and underneath them.

5. Clean gutters and downspouts: Make sure to clear debris from your gutters and downspouts to prevent issues of build-up over the winter. This will also prevent the possibility of accumulated debris freezing and causing further problems throughout the season.