Neighbourhood Franchise Model FAQs

What is the MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise Model?

  • Our neighbourhood model provides service to a small market, with a less populated area. The Franchise Partner is able to clean as well as operate the business. This allows greater flexibility and, in the beginning, an income in the very early days of starting the Franchise. Compare this to our traditional MOLLY MAID Franchise, which is more suited for urban and larger suburban areas that are densely populated. In the traditional format, our Franchisees invest most of their time working on the business, and not cleaning in it. Given the call volume of these bigger Franchises, there is no time to clean.

Why, after over 40-years in business is MOLY MAID introducing a new Franchise concept?

  • We’ve been fortunate to enjoy tremendous success with our traditional Franchise concept and proudly service over 500 cities and towns across Canada. As such, we’re nearly sold out of our traditional concept and with increased demand in our Franchise opportunities, we decided to go back to our roots and offer a similar concept to what we started with way back in the late 70s when MOLLY MAID was born in Mississauga, Ontario.  This "new" model allows the Franchisee to both run the business and work in the business all while earning a very handsome profit. The time to move forward is now, so take advantage of this new opportunity!

How much does it cost to get started?

  • For a new neighbourhood model Franchise, the Franchise Fee is $13,000. There is also a start-up marketing package which is an investment of $3,000 and a technology investiture fee of $4,000.  You will also have some initial costs of approximately $6,000 and we require access to working capital in the amount of $15,000-$20,000.

How much money can I make running the neighbourhood Franchise model?

  • That’s a great question – and much of it has to do with how successful you want to be. Contact Fiona today and she can share with you the income potential for the market you’re interested in.

How soon will I start making money?

  • This new concept is unlike our traditional format, where starting a new Franchise requires time before an income is earned. In this case, you can start earning an income the same day you clean your first customer!

How many hours per week will I need to work to be successful?

  • Our business typically runs Monday to Friday, daytime hours. It is a business that is different from most as it is more of a traditional workweek.  Most of our Franchisees start their business day around 8 am and finish at about 5 pm but they will also have teams working outside of business hours to accommodate light commercial cleans or residential customers who would like evenings or weekends.  We have a Customer Care Centre which will help you manage your new customer inquiries outside of your business hours and a lead management system that will also assist you to stay on top of your business outside of the time you dedicate to the business.

How much can I sell my neighbourhood Franchise for when I’m ready to explore new business opportunities?

  • If you’ve asked this question, you’re definitely a forward thinker! It’s often said that when you’re buying a business you should also be thinking about selling it.  Due to the strength of the brand, and the fact that it is a MOLLY MAID Franchise, our exiting Franchisees have realized very strong returns when selling their Franchises over the last 40-years.  Your re-sale value will be contingent on the income you are making in your business.  When you speak with Fiona, she can share with you a projected return, based on the expected size of your business.

Who do I talk to if I’d like to learn more about a neighbourhood Franchise opportunity with MOLLY MAID?

How do I find out if there is a neighbourhood Franchise opportunity in my area?

  • You can check our available locations by clicking here, but if you believe there is an opportunity in your region that you don’t see listed, and you know there is not already a MOLLY MAID Franchise operating in your area, call Fiona Styant (1.855.248.0355 x230) to learn more.

What if I want to explore an opportunity with a bigger (traditional) MOLLY MAID Franchise?

  • We’d love to discuss your business goals with you and see what options we might have available. We have a lot of very long-term Franchisees who are now entering retirement after spending the last few decades building their business and growing the brand awareness in their region.  There may be a great re-sale opportunity that fits what you are looking for.

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