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Stephen Gonsalves & Erik Martinez Owners

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About your local MOLLY MAID

Relax… you’ve found Oshawa’s number one maid service!

MOLLY MAID Oshawa has been providing superior house cleaning services in Oshawa for more than 40 years. Our professional house cleaners are thorough, consistent and reliable. They are professionally trained, bonded and insured.

We are residential house cleaning experts, and our green cleaning teams take great pride in every home they service. The environmentally preferable products that we bring along to every home are safe for your family, pets and the environment.

MOLLY MAID’s customized cleaning services in Oshawa are designed to meet your individual needs whether you choose regular house cleaning services or occasional cleaning such as move-in or move-out services.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate of your house cleaning needs. We are affordable, our service is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and there’s no contract required.

Our goal is to clean your house from top to bottom and give you more time to do the things you really enjoy.

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See What Customers Are Saying

Jacquie Attwood
Jacquie Attwood
13:08 15 Jan 20
False promises from Franchisee Steve. And I quote Steve when I complained and sent him pictures- "you are 1000% correct, awful job". Both the Franchisee and Operations Supervisor assured me I would not be charged, but I was charged. I phoned the Molly Maid Oshawa office, called the Operations Supervisor and Franchisee, and sent emails regarding the guessed it, no response, not only is it bad business, it is just plain rude. I called the Molly Maid Head Quarters who were going to look into it. Still no resolve. Franchisee is correct in Awful Job, but he should have said Awful Customer service.Do yourself a favour, if you have decided to hire a House Cleaner, and you too work hard for your money, and would like your home actually cleaned, go with another service.
Kelly Earley
Kelly Earley
13:50 14 Jan 20
The ladies who came out to my parents house did a fabulous job !! Other than they lost the cheque for payment. It took them awhile before they contacted me asking for a replacement cheque. We then played a game of phone tag between myself and 4 different representatives from the Oshawa Molly Maid. It then got ugly - threatening to go to my 80-year old mother's house to pick up the cash, daily phone calls and texts harassing for the replacement fee. We wanted to make sure that the cheque hadn't cleared the bank before we gave them more money. I told owner Steve that we would be checking the bank statement this past weekend and if okay, we would be etransfering the funds. Saturday the phone calls started again, and continued on Sunday, with yet another threat to go directly to my mom's house to get the funds. I told him absolutely NOT to go to my mom's house as she suffers from dementia and would not know what he was talking about and would become extremely upset. On Sunday we etransferred the money but then were told that we owed an additional $17.55 - apparently hst. This was the first anyone had told me about the hst. He harassed me for a good part of the day on Sunday for the balance. I told him I would send it Sunday night. He was quite abrupt and curt with me - "send it". I sent it and let him know I had sent it. I got no response. Monday I sent a text asking if he had gotten it - he said "yes". That was it, no thank you for clearing this up - nothing. So I sent a text back saying "you're welcome". I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE THE SERVICES OF MOLLY MAID IN OSHAWA - Steve is a very ignorant man.
Jacquie Attwood
Jacquie Attwood
22:55 06 Jan 20
And I quote the Franchisee when I complained and sent him pictures- "you are 1000% correct, awful job". And they still charged me.Do yourself a favour, if you would like your home cleaned, go with another service.
Annette Westgarth
Annette Westgarth
17:25 08 May 18
Great service, many things can be cleaned, just ask .
Laurina Mahendran
Laurina Mahendran
18:47 11 Sep 17
Do you call your self a cleaning service? I spent $200 for you guys to wipe the dirt around in my house? So irritated with the service. I left a list of what to clean in priority and it was not followed. Kitchen counter tops are not cleaned and floors were not swept what so ever. Showers still had stains and dirt. Washroom mirrors were not even touched. I would a expect a well known cleaning company to atleast clean the basics of a household. And when I attempt to call Molly Maid Oshawa, they are not answering or returning my calls back. DO NOT USE MOLLY MAID! Huge waste of your money!!!!
Fay Woolley
Fay Woolley
10:36 06 Sep 17
Very poor service! Women rushed through and left most of the work not done. They were proud to tell me how fast they work but not how well. The stickers I left on the areas to spend particular attention, were still on them when I returned home. Not cleaned!!!Unbelievable! I'm now cleaning it all myself.I can't even speak with anyone to complain. No call back. Never again!
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