10 Unconventional Ways to Repurpose Bookends in Your Home's featured image

Creativity knows no bounds, especially in the capable hands of Sarah Teresinski, the TikTok sensation redefining the way we view everyday items. From mundane to marvelous, Sarah repurposes ordinary items in unconventional ways around the house that will leave you marveling at her ingenuity.

Take her love of bookends for anything other than holding books! Just think outside the box. You don’t have to use them as you would with books. Flip them on their side or use them front to back rather than side to side.

Deluxe Door Stop

Give your doors a touch of elegance while keeping them securely in place by repurposing a brass bookend as a stylish door stopper. Whether you opt for a sleek modern design or a vintage-inspired piece, like Sarah’s brass duck, your doors will thank you for the added flair and functionality.

Opulent Kitchen Catchall

Don’t just lean cutting boards up against your backsplash! Transform kitchen chaos into order by using bookends to corral cutting boards, baking sheets, trivets, place mats and of course, your favourite cookbooks.

Bathroom Bliss

Elevate bathroom organization by using bookends to hold hand towels or prop up a tablet for a relaxing soak—all within arm’s reach. This trick also works when entertaining to elegantly hold napkins in the dining room or kitchen.

Mail Management

Use bookends near your entryway to catch incoming mail and reduce messy clutter. Regularly sort through the mail, discarding junk mail and organizing important items for further action, this really helps to always maintain an organized space.

Office Organization

Keep your workspace pristine by utilizing bookends to stand up notebooks, folders, and tablets, ensuring a clutter-free environment conducive to productivity. They don’t need to be ornate. Book ends come in all shapes and sizes.

Media Marvel

Keep your vinyl records and video games organized and easily accessible by storing them upright between a pair of bookends. Match bookends to type of media – ornate for classic cds, chunky for vinyls and whimsical or sci-fi for video games!

Entertainment Essentials

Set the kids up in style by using bookends to prop up a tablet or smartphone for their hands-free viewing pleasure. One in the back and the other flipped on its side will keep things secure and sticky fingers off the screen.

Jewellery Display

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and misplaced earrings by hanging your jewellery collection from decorative bookends for a touch of glamour. This works best with a set or one bookend bust. Sarah uses one of a Greek goddess in her video.

Garden Glory

Artistic metal bookends can be paired together to make a sconce for candles in the garden. Looking for something more permanent? Glue a pair together, gluing the base of the puck light in between so batteries are accessible.

Stand Alone Art Piece

Some bookends don’t need a job, they can hold their own as a conversation piece in your living room, bedroom or main floor powder room. Especially the bookend bust – Greek, Roman or Mozart!


Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash