3 Tricks to Fall in Love with Cleaning's featured image

Okay, maybe falling in love with cleaning is a stretch, but you can fall in love with the feeling you get after you’ve given your home the TLC it deserves. Sometimes it takes more than the trendiest cleaning tools and greatest playlist to help you get the job done. Here are 3 ideas that can help you if you’re in a bit of a cleaning rut:

1. Break Up with Cowboys

Whether you’re tackling the kitchen island or your bookcase, it’s impossible to deep clean them if there are too many trinkets in the way. By the time you’re done shuffling things around, you don’t have the energy to clean anymore. Do you really need to keep every single cowboy themed trinket from your trip to the Calgary Stampede? Have you used them lately, or are they just collecting dust? Might be time to break up with a cowboy or two.

2. Break Up with your Rooms

Lots of people don’t like cleaning their home because they don’t actually love their house. Maybe they’re ashamed of their old kitchen counter or the paint that’s peeling off the bathroom ceiling. But, if you tackle a few jobs, like getting new kitchen cupboards or painting your bedroom, it gives those rooms a new lease on life. Which, in turn, makes you like the room more, and will inspire you to keep it clean.

3. Break Up with the Blues

Complaining about cleaning never gets the job done. It won’t happen overnight, but you can definitely develop a healthy relationship with cleaning. Instead of cleaning the entire bathroom, including walls and washing the shower curtain, just pick one job. If you only clean the sink your mood will immediately change. So next time you think ‘oh no, today’s the day I have to clean the entire house!’, reframe and say to yourself, ‘I’m just going to clean the toilet, and that’s good enough for today!’


Photo by William Felker