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Space-Saving Hacks for Packing a Suitcase


Travel is on everyone’s bucket list this summer. Where do YOU plan to go first? The cottage, camping, glamping, backpacking, to an Airbnb, or somewhere luxurious overseas? Wherever you plan to go, a few space-saving packing tips will ensure you can take a few of the little comforts of home with you.

Roll Your Clothes

An oldie but a goodie! Rolling your clothes really does save a ton of space. Clothes also tend to be less wrinkled (if you’ve smoothed them out and rolled them neatly). Just remember to shake them out when you get to your destination and hang them if possible.

Think Compact

When packing for your vacations, you don’t need a full-size bottle of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, or toothpaste. Buy travel-size products (found at most drug stores), use your own small containers (a contact case is perfect for small amounts of make-up like foundation), or if you’re heading away for a more extended period of time consider buying once you reach your destination.

Think Outside the Box

Pack earrings and rings in a pill case instead of a big bulky jewelry box. Small and compact, it will keep smaller items safe and organized. Looking for more clever hacks?

  • Keep necklaces from tangling by threading them through a straw.
  • Stick stud earrings through a button to keep them easy to locate and as a pair.
  • Wrap flat irons and curling wands in a potholder for heat protection.
  • Use a sunglass case to keep cords, earbuds and chargers tangle-free.
  • Stuff socks in spare shoes – that’s prime real estate! If packing more than one pair of shoes, stuff other small items inside, like underwear.
  • Cover the soles of your shoes to keep dirt and debris off your clothes. A shower cap works best and it can be used while on vacation.

One last tip: Pack wrinkle release spray!

It smells amazing and removes creases without an iron. Make your own in a travel-sized spray bottle, just add fabric softener and water.

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