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4 Unique Ways to Use A Pool Noodle

The pool noodle hit beaches and backyards across Canada in the summer of 1980. And did you know it was invented right here in Canada? A relatively simple idea created by Steve Hartman, CEO and president of Industrial Thermal Polymers, it soon became an essential summer accessory. The cheap, colourful, cylindrical floating device was designed for pool play. From kids tucking one or more under their arms to float or float-ride as if on a horse, and of course to whack their friends in a noodle war. Pool noodles are not personal flotation devices, they’re just for fun, and they can be used in a number of helpful hacks around the home.

1. Stop Doors from Slamming Shut

With our windows open to let in that fresh summer breeze, the doors are prone to answer that breeze’s momentum and close quickly or slam shut. A pool noodle is a quick fix to protect young children and pets from being stuck when the door suddenly closes. You don’t need the entire pool noodle, just a foot will do. Simply slice it open with a serrated knife on one side, so you’re able to slip it on the edge of the open door creating a door bumper. Now when a gust of wind flows through the room, the door will simply bounce off the frame rather than slam shut with a bang.

2. Protect your Luggage Rack

Summer is a great time to renovate. One of the most popular home improvement projects being an outside deck. But whether you’re adding a deck, fixing up the shed, or tackling a bigger project like building an addition, frequent trips to the hardware store for building materials is guaranteed. Take note of this handy hack before you load up on supplies and protect your car’s luggage rack from nicks and scratches. Simply take a pool noodle and carefully cut open one side with a serrated knife. Now pop the pool noodle on top of your luggage rack to form a secure protective cover.

3. Clean Floors Better

We all know the benefits of using a squeegee to clean windows. They are adept at removing excess moisture from surfaces, which helps to prevent the formation of water spots. So when cleaning the garage floor, basement floor or any other large concrete surface an extra-large squeegee can be a big help. Create your own using a garden rake and a pool noodle. Cut the pool noodle to size (a few inches longer than your rake) and then cut one side of the pool noodle with a serrated knife. Slip the pool noodle firmly onto the prongs or teeth of your rake and voila! – a jumbo sized squeegee.

4. Set the Mood

There’s very few things that are nicer than lounging by a pool on a hot summer day. But even in its habitat, the pool noodle has a few more helpful hacks to offer. Cut five inch-wide slices off the end of a pool noodle, and using waterproof-glue, stick them to the bottom of a plastic tray, preferably one with a tropical motif. You’ve just created a floating table for your fancy summer cocktail or snacks. Looking for a little romance? Cut another few inch-wide slices off your pool noodle and glue battery-operated tea lights into the hole. Perfect for a night-time soiree, these little floating candles will definitely set the mood.