The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Pots & Pans

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Pots & Pans   Your pots and pans hold the frontline in the kitchen. They’re the unsung heroes behind fancy gadgets like the microplane, zester, pasta press and Vitamix. You can easily keep your pots and pans at their best with just a little cleaning know-how—not all of them thrive […]

TIkTok Peanut Butter Hack is Amazing!

TIkTok Peanut Butter Hack is Amazing!   If you’re a fan of TikTok, you’ve probably already seen that the peanut butter hack by @shopsplat has gone viral. If not, it’s well worth watching. In short, this TikTok genius has discovered the best and, by far, the most fun way to clean the last bits of […]

Bread Making Clean-up Made Easy

For those that celebrate Easter, one of the highlights is baking and eating endless culinary delights. One of the darlings of Easter baking is Braided Easter Egg Bread, very popular in Europe and other countries that observe Easter. If you’re not familiar, it’s a sweetened, yeasted dough with colourful dyed eggs baked right into the […]

How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Cookie Exchange

For many, holiday baking is as important as gift giving. If you love to bake, a wonderful way to share your scrumptious creations is by hosting a holiday cookie exchange. Not only is it a great way to share a glass of pre-holiday cheer, your cookie jar will get filled to the brim with a […]

Keep Calm this Holiday Season: Create a Work-Back Baking Plan

Don’t find yourself overwhelmed in the kitchen this holiday season. Plan ahead with our nifty holiday baking work-back countdown! Read more from MOLLY MAID!

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